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Type erasure in C++

What is it? Type erasure is the technique used to hide the type meta-data of some data. When we store and manage data in such

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QEMU development during Global Chip Shortage

QEMU Development

Considering the current developments in the global market, especially having the issue of a Global Chip Shortage, there are some issues to be addressed when

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Yocto Devtool

A command-line utility by the name of devtool serves as the foundation of the extensible SDK. With the help of this tool, you may create,

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Advantages of Outsourcing

Nowadays, most embedded systems have functionalities implemented in software. The usage of embedded software by electronics manufacturers for expanded functionality, improved quality, and reusability is

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OpenRC is a dependency-based init system that was designed to work with Unix-like computer operating systems. It keeps compatibility with the system-provided init system, which

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Yocto Project

Yocto Project is an open source community project that helps developers to create customized systems based on Linux. It has an accessible toolset that allows

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software testing

Software testing

The investigation of artifacts and the behavior of the software under test is known as software testing. It also determines whether the actual results match

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component placement

Component placement  

Component placement is one of the most critical parts of PCB design. First, you must understand the fundamental criteria for arranging components on a printed

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