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ui development

DigitalGate offers custom-made UI solutions for various embedded devices by incorporating modern frameworks for domain-specific applications, developing application programming interfaces designed to integrate with other systems and libraries, and simulators for quick prototyping, widgets, and also display controls. 

Our UI solutions are designed to bring color and aesthetical design to the integrated systems, as well as ease of usage.

Moreover, we develop cross-platform solutions with high-performance capabilities, integrating simple and user-friendly application programming interfaces, designed for multilingual support and highly flexible.

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How It works?

We build modern, smooth, but also cost-effective user interfaces by conceptualizing, designing, and developing innovative and intuitive embedded solutions that are easy to use and incorporate high-performance features.

GESTURE-BASED interfaces

Our engineers develop sensor-based interactive solutions that are meant to reduce the cognitive load while operating a user interface. Also, our solutions are designed to bring a variety of new and different user interface designs to embedded systems.

voice controlled interfaces

We develop voice-controlled interface solutions so that they are capable of speech processing for machine-human interaction. We do this with the help of incorporating modern technology for signal processing, pattern recognition, neural networks, as well as powerful (low-cost) embedded processors.

Graphic user interfaces

DigitalGate offers tailor-made GUI solutions that are designed to suit each individual device, improving the experience of the end-user. We take into consideration various factors such as the impact of technical, physical, and financial constraints. We offer solutions for low-power embedded systems, optimizing memory (both RAM and ROM), and hardware resource usage. Moreover, we provide customers with highly performant solutions for low-powered systems. For that, we use modern frameworks such as Qt, Gtk, Ultimate++, and good cross-platform capabilities.

We serve

Having previously developed various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries, our team of engineers is specialized in developing custom solutions so that the highest industry standards are meet, tailor-made to the specification of each individual project.


Medical Devices

Industrial Automation

Aerospace & Defense

Consumers Electronics

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If you have any questions about software, hardware, or embedded systems in general, our team is always here to answer!