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ui development

DigitalGate provides custom UI solutions for embedded devices, incorporating modern frameworks, APIs for system integration, simulators for prototyping, and user-friendly controls. Our UI solutions enhance aesthetics, ease of use, and multilingual support in cross-platform, high-performance systems. 

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How It works

We create modern, cost-effective user interfaces with innovative and intuitive embedded solutions, focusing on performance and user-friendliness. 

GESTURE-BASED interfaces

Our engineers develop sensor-based interactive solutions that reduce cognitive load to simplify user interfaces and introduce innovative designs to embedded systems. 

voice controlled interfaces

We develop voice-controlled interfaces using advanced technology for speech processing, including signal processing, pattern recognition, neural networks, and low-cost embedded processors. 

GraphicAL user interfaces

We provide customized GUI solutions suited to each device, optimizing for factors like technical, physical, and budget constraints. Our solutions are designed for low-power embedded systems, optimizing memory (RAM and ROM) and hardware resources. We leverage modern frameworks like Qt, Gtk, Ultimate++, and ensure cross-platform capabilities. 

We serve

Find custom solutions compliant of the highest industry standards, tailored to the specifications of each unique project. We work on various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries! 


Medical Devices

Industrial Automation

Aerospace & Defense

Consumers Electronics

We`d love to hear from you!

If you have any questions about software, hardware, or embedded systems in general, our team is always here to answer!