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medical devices

Solutions Overview

Our proven expertise in medical devices software and hardware development assist our customer’s successful development of embedded systems products. We help our customers implement their concepts into serial products, thus adapting to the fast-evolving market. We provide engineering services, hardware, and software, for the medical electronics industry that incorporates control, conversion, sensing, processing, storage, display, and the transfer of information for anatomy and physiology!

Software Development

We follow different development methodologies, depending on the type of project, customers’ requirements, or standards, and apply our internal procedures of the quality management system, tailoring the applications to the customers’ requirements. For the medical devices industry, we mainly follow two development methodologies, the waterfall methodology and the agile approach, depending on the specifications of the project.
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Hardware Development

Hardware development for medical devices is done from concept to creation, and it includes the design of the electronic schematic, layout design, and design optimization. For every step of development process our team ensures that:
In order to ensure a superior quality of the designed systems, our team develops the necessary environments for the simulation of the circuits in order to make sure that the electrical, thermal, and mechanical parameters of the circuit are within the limits allowed by the client and legislative requirements. Our engineers also ensure that the designed circuits are manufactured according to the project specifications and provide customers with the necessary assistance in communicating with the printed circuit board manufacturers, choosing the best suppliers who can produce the printed circuit boards according to the specifications of the design and within the budget of the customers.

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