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Our Vision

Since the foundation of our company in 2017, our focus has been to offer complete embedded hardware and software development services four our customers. With our skilled team of experts, we are supporting numerous national and international companies, across industries as varied as medical, automotive, military and consumer electronics.

Our clients benefit from our competence in a wide range of technologies as well as flexibility and independence when it comes to providing complex hardware and software solutions for embedded systems.

Innovating Through Change

By continually adapting to the needs of the global market we are continuously expanding our expertise with various technologies stacks thus being able to provide support for our customers in all development phases.

We support our customers right from the hardware design phase where we ensure that the optimal main components are chosen for their embedded system, as well as making the required setups on evaluation bords and simulation environments such that the Software Development phase can run concurrently with the hardware design phase.

Managing Complexity

Through our consistent implementation of the best development practices and processes we ensure that the systems we design are up to the best industry standards.

Continuous Improvement

By continuously improving our design processes and by contributing to open-source projects we ensure that our team not only stays up to date, but it also actively contributes to the design of the de facto standards in our field of expertise.

We Work Agile

By working according to agile-scrum methodologies we ensure that our development cycles are tailored such that we enable our customers to reach the optimal time to market for their systems.

We Keep It Simple

Our team consistently manages redundancy and ensures that we provide the optimal solution for our customers in terms of budget, quality assurance, certification and time to market.

We Believe in Perseverance And Dedication

Since our establishment as a company, we have gone thorough tremendous growth, due to our consistent desire for improving our services and providing the best possible support for our customers.

We are convinced that perseverance and dedication are the foundation for success, especially when it comes to working with complex systems which are designed to improve the daily lives of a wide range of end users.

Managing Directors

Mihai Gruieti

Co-Founder and CEO

In September 2017, Mihai Gruieti cofounded the company SC DIGITALGATE SRL, since then the company completed many projects in embedded software and hardware design as well as complete system design, hardware and software, thus achieving a formidable growth and gaining numerous highly satisfied customers across Europe and North America, thus strengthening its position as a reliable partner which can provide the necessary support and technical expertise for complex embedded systems design.

Mihai Gruieti studied Electronics Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Timisoara and started working in the High-Tech industry as an Embedded Software Engineer, throughout his career as an Embedded Software Engineer, he has acquired extensive technical expertise in low level software development, later in 2017 he cofounded our company and took the role of CEO and head of development. Currently Mihai Gruieti has the same roles.

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DigitalGate Amg was founded in 2017 as an embedded software and hardware design company with a clear goal, to grow businesses trough technology

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