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Our vision

Since DigitalGate’s establishment in 2017, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive embedded hardware and software services to our diverse clientele, spanning national and international companies in industries like medical, automotive, military, and consumer electronics.

Our clients leverage our extensive technological expertise, benefiting from our flexibility and independence in delivering intricate embedded systems solutions.

Innovating Through Change

By constantly adapting to global market demands, we broaden our expertise across various technology stacks, empowering us to assist customers throughout all development stages.  

From hardware design, we ensure clients select optimal components for their embedded systems. Additionally, we establish necessary setups on evaluation boards and simulation environments to enable parallel Software and Hardware Development phases. 


We Believe in Perseverance And Dedication

Since our inception, DigitalGate has experienced remarkable growth, driven by our ongoing commitment to enhancing services and offering top-notch customer support.  

We firmly believe that perseverance and dedication are the cornerstones of success, particularly in the realm of complex systems designed to enhance the lives of diverse end users. 


Through our consistent implementation of the best development practices and processes, we ensure that the systems we design are up to the best industry standards.


By continuously improving our design processes and by contributing to open-source projects we ensure that our team not only stays up to date, but it also actively contributes to the design of the de facto standards in our field of expertise.


Our team consistently manages redundancy and ensures that we provide the optimal solution for our customers in terms of budget, quality assurance, certification and time to market.


By working according to agile-scrum methodologies we ensure that our development cycles are tailored such that we enable our customers to reach their optimal time to market for their systems.

Data & Facts

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Find custom solutions compliant of the highest industry standards, tailored to the specifications of each unique project. We work on various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries! 


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Industrial Automation

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If you have any questions about software, hardware, or embedded systems in general, our team is always here to answer!