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With our established expertise in consumer electronics software and hardware development, we excel in creating high-performance embedded systems. We assist clients in turning their concepts into market-ready products, adapting to the rapidly evolving consumer electronics market. At DigitalGate, we provide comprehensive engineering services, seamlessly integrating hardware and software solutions for a diverse range of consumer electronics components, enabling you to stay ahead in the industry.


We employ diverse development methodologies, adapting to project type, customer needs, and standards. Our internal quality management procedures ensure customized applications. 

In the consumer electronics industry, we primarily utilize the agile approach, the industry standard, while also considering the waterfall methodology based on project specifications. 

We offer complete BSP development services that include infrastructure development and the required modularity for scalability and long-term maintenance. Our BSP solutions are of the highest standards in the industry, tailored to customer requirements.

Our BSP Development Services include:

  • BSP development for Linux, QNX, VxWorks, as well as RTOS
  • Bootloader development, secure boot, and also PKI infrastructure setup
  • Bootloader integration and boot scheme development for normal operation, recovery, software updates, etc.
  • Memory footprint optimization
  • OS stacks configuration, networking, Wi-Fi, LAN, USB, video streaming, audio, UART, and also imaging and speech components
  • Device drivers development for peripherals and software stacks
  • Boot time optimization
  • Firmware development

Our team of embedded engineers has a rich experience with various microcontrollers, with single processors, multi-processors and digital signal processors. We specialize in optimizing, testing, and debugging hardware prototypes and shortening the “time to market” for the products we design. Our middleware software brings unified interfaces with scalable and transparent functionalities overcoming problems related to reuse and code portability.

Key Development Areas:

  • Application driver development
  • OSAL
  • Communication protocols
  • Tracing libraries
  • Framework development
  • Telecom and networking protocol development
  • Wireless protocols
  • IoT protocols
  • SDK’s

We offer custom embedded solutions by using modern frameworks for domain-specific applications, APIs for integration with other systems and libraries, simulators for quick prototyping, widgets as well as display controls. All User Interface development and integration services that we offer are meant to bring color, ease of use, and aesthetical design to the integrated systems. In addition, our solutions are cross-platform and highly flexible, with high-performance capabilities, integrating simple and user-friendly APIs, designed for multilingual support.

Key Development Areas:

  • Graphical user interfaces (GUIs)
  • Voice-controlled interfaces (VUIs)
  • Gesture-based interfaces

We design complete software development suites for embedded systems IoT. Also, our solutions are tailor-made to our customer specifications. We take care of all aspects of the project requirements including hardware development and implementing both ultra-low-power microcontrollers as well as low-power wireless connectivity devices.

Key development areas:

  • Device inventory, asset management
  • Device performance monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Flexible user access policies
  • User data analytics
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Software Development Kits (SDK)
  • APIs

safety, security and testing


  • Firewalls
  • Encryption Programs
  • Cloud Security
  • Network Security
  • Application Security
  • Secure data storage


  • Unit and module testing
  • KPI verification and validation
  • Hardware in the loop (HIL) testing
  • Module in the loop (MIL) testing
  • Software in the loop (SIL) testing


  • ISO 10377: Consumer product safety
  • ISO 9001: Quality management

Hardware Development

To ensure superior quality for the systems we design, we develop the necessary environments for simulating the circuits. We make sure that the electrical, thermal, and mechanical parameters of the circuits fall within the limits allowed by the client and legal requirements.

Our engineers also ensure that the designed circuits are manufactured according to the project specifications and provide customers with the necessary assistance in communicating with the printed circuit board manufacturers. We choose the best suppliers that can produce the printed circuit boards according to the specifications of the design and within the budget of the customers.

We develop hardware for consumer electronics from concept up to creation. This includes the design of the electronic schematic, layout design, as well as design optimization.

For every step of the development process, our team ensures that:

Consumers Electronics


Our team of hardware engineers takes care of all aspects related to PCB schematic design, from the initial system concept up to the actual schematic design. We also offer schematic designs that are optimized and simulated thoroughly.

Key Development Areas:

  • Complete schematic designs from initial concept design up to complete PCB schematic design and its corresponding documentation;
  • Optimal schematic designs solutions by carefully simulating the designs and choosing the main components of the schematic;
  • Perfect balance between budget and specific application needs.

PCB Layout design

We can offer end-to-end solutions that accelerate the design of the most complex electronics and intelligent systems. By using specialized layout software, our team implements according to the schematic/ the optimized layout for the PCB.

Key Development Areas:

  • Optimized layout for the PCB based on the schematic design
  • Single or multiple layers PCBs’
  • Components’ placement optimization
  • Routing that defines the optimal electrical connectivity
  • Requirements for placement, signal, as well as thermal integrity consideration

PCB design optimization

Our team of expert hardware engineers optimizes the design of the PCBs’ by taking care of all aspects regarding component placement, spacing, clearances, thermal relief, and shape restraints. Our team of engineers debugs, inspects, and tests so that the PCB design is fully optimized for serial production.

Key Development Areas:

  • Debugging, inspecting, and testing
  • Fully optimized PCB design according to the customers’ requirements, as well as the number of layers required, the best suitable components, the quality, and the cost factor
  • PCB designs completely optimized for serial production

testing, Standars and compliAnce


  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Testing
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing
  • CE Certification
  • RoHS Certification


  • Automotive hardware development as latest Cybersecurity standard- ISO/SAE 21434
  • Support for hardware unit design as per ISO 26262 standard
  • AEC-Q

Compliance Services

  • IECEE- CB Scheme
  • Energy Efficiency Verification (EEV)

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