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We use software and hardware to help your business strive in uncertain times.

Digital Gate is a reliable partner that can take care of all aspects of an embedded system design,
from hardware up to application development, we help our customers to design their
embedded system tailored to specific requirements and industry standards

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Our team of experts has extensive experience in developing software for embedded systems, over the years we have successfully developed embedded software for a variety of applications ranging from small baremetal applications running on 8-bit platforms up to distributed application running on high end 64-bit multi core platforms

Linux BSP development

Our team of experts helps our customers reach their goal faster by developing for them complete Linux Bord Support packages, thus abstracting all low-level aspects and enabling them to start with the application development from an early stage in the development process, on a custom Linux distribution tailored to their hardware and application.

QNX BSP development

Due to our deep experience working with QNX we have acquired extensive expertise in the development of Bord Support Packages for QNX, we are able to develop device drivers for various peripherals and do all required optimizations such that QNX with all its software stacks boots and runs on a custom hardware platform according to application specific requirements.

VxWorks BSP development

Our engineering team has deep expertise in customizing and extending existing VxWorks Bord Support Packages, we help our customers by developing devices drivers for VxWorks configuring various VxWorks subsystems integrating custom applications, such that our customers can take full advantage of the modern infrastructure that VxWorks has to offer for an application with tight security, timing, safety etc. requirements.

RTOS BSP development

Our team has extensive experience working with various real time operating systems, we help our customers to reach a shorter time to market by providing them the help they need for all low-level aspects of an RTOS, we develop bootloaders, device drivers, configure the low-level ports etc. thus, providing to our customers a complete Bord Support Package for their chosen real time operating system.

Application development

We are developing application for various embedded systems tailored to specific industry and customer requirements, our team has deep insight in developing embedded software applications which run in various environments thus providing to our clients the flexibility they need in maintaining and further extending their applications according to new business requirements.

Due to our deep expertise in high-level and low-level embedded Software development we are able to develop complete embedded software applications that meet tight requirements in industries as varied as automotive, military, medical, avionics and consumer electronics.

UI Development

We are developing graphical user interfaces for a large spectrum of applications, ranging from small handheld devices up to complex avionics systems. Our team ensures that the graphical user interfaces are responsive, scalable, maintainable and meet all relevant safety and application specific requirements.

Algorithm development

We are developing algorithms for various embedded applications, our team has the experience required to develop scalable, performant and platform independent algorithms for sensor fusion, computer vision and signal processing as well as the infrastructure required for validation, data acquisition and testing of the developed algorithms, thus enabling our clients to implement and expand their business logic in a timely manner.

Middleware Development

Our team has deep experience in low level hardware development as well as the internals of various operating systems ranging from small real time operating systems up to modern POSIX like operating systems, thus providing complete abstractions layers for the Operating System and the various devices driver, which are tailored to the performance needs of the application.

Framework Development

Our team provides the complete infrastructure for embedded applications to reliably run on an embedded target, thus implementing modern design patterns which enable modularity and scalability within the software platforms of our customers.

Our team of experts consitententlly take care of all aspects related to PCB design, we support our customers right from the initial architecture pahse up to manufacturing pahse, thus contributing to all aspects of the design, from schematic up to layout design and optimization for manufacturing.

PCB schematic design

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services are one of the ways we help our customers get to the market faster, as our team of engineers has significant experience in this field.

PCB Design optimization

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services are one of the ways we help our customers get to the market faster, as our team of engineers has significant experience in this field.

PCB layout design

Printed circuit board (PCB) design services are one of the ways we help our customers get to the market faster, as our team of engineers has significant experience in this field.

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