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bsp development

We offer complete BSP development services, including infrastructure development, as well as the required modularity for scalability and long-term maintenance.

Also, our BSP solutions are of the highest standards in the industry, tailored to the customers’ requirements. We have experience wide range of industries such as automotive, medical, military, and consumer electronics. 

Within the BSP development package of services, we offer development services for Linux, QNX, VxWorks, and different flavors of real-time operating systems such as FreeRTOS, RTEMS, and Sciopta.

linux bsp development

We have a deep understanding of the operating system and strong Embedded Software development skills, so we can offer complete Linux BSP development solutions. That includes customizing the Linux kernel, building device drivers as well as integrating peripheral devices.

The offered Linux BSP development solutions are comprehensive and include all aspects required for a Linux Kernel to boot and run successfully on a custom platform. Also, we make sure that our solutions are according to specific application requirements and the highest industry standards.


Qnx bsp development

Our team of experts has deep expertise in implementing Board Support Packages for the QNX operating system. We are addressing all platform-specific details, such as bootloaders, IPL, device drivers/resource managers, and root file system configuration. Also, we do the required optimizations such that QNX can boot and run successfully on a custom embedded platform.

Moreover, we are supporting our customers not just with complete BSP but also with partial solutions. In this case, it could involve the development of various sub-components or support for the application developers.

vxworks bsp development

DigitalGate offers complete and comprehensive tailor-made VxWorks BSP development designed to the requirements of the customer’s project. 

Also, we address all aspects of a custom Board Support Package for operating systems. We take care of the development and integration of custom bootloaders as well as the device drivers’ development and integration of middleware libraries and tools relevant to application development,

Rtos services

rtos bsp development

DigitalGate provides customers with deep expertise in RTOS BSP Development, porting, and integration of existing code to RTOS as well as general development centered around RTOS. Also, we offer RTOS BSP development solutions for various architectures and integrate bootloaders and ports. We use various microcontrollers, and real-time operating systems such as FreeRTOS, RTX, SCIOPTA, Nucleus, RTEMS, ThreadX, and ARM Mbed.

With considerable in-house know-how and experience having previously used a vast range of MCUs, CPUs, and FPGAs, both low-power processors and high-end application processors. Moreover, we can develop device drivers from scratch or adapt existing device drivers to new application requirements.

We serve

Having previously developed various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries, our team of engineers is specialized in developing custom solutions that are of the highest industry standards, tailor-made to the specification of each individual project.


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Industrial Automation

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