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application development

We develop custom applications tailored to the requirements of each individual project while applying our internal procedures of the quality management system.

Because we are working closely with the client, we gain a deep understanding of the project requirements and a deep understanding of data processing and analytics. We integrate modern architectural patterns to develop embedded software platforms that are modular, scalable, as well as easy to maintain and adapt to new business requirements. 

UI development

DigitalGate offers custom-made UI solutions for various embedded devices. We incorporate modern frameworks for domain-specific applications and develop application programming interfaces designed to integrate with other systems and libraries as well as simulators for quick prototyping, widgets, and display controls.
Also, Our UI solutions are designed to bring color, ease of usage, and aesthetical design to the integrated systems.
We develop cross-platform solutions with high-performance capabilities, thus integrating simple and user-friendly application programming interfaces, designed for multilingual support and highly flexible. 

algorithm development

DigitalGate offers algorithm development solutions customized for embedded systems so that the required performance can be met on a resource-constrained embedded platform.  Also,  by providing flexible solutions, we ensure that our customers can easily port the implemented algorithms to new hardware platforms. Moreover, we them to adapt to ever-changing market needs and industry standards.

Middleware development

Our team of experienced engineers with extensive knowledge of microcontrollers, with both single-processors and multi-processors and digital signal processors. We specialize in Middleware development, optimizing, testing, as well as debugging hardware prototypes. At the same time, we shorten the “time to market” for the designed products. 

Thus, Digitalgate’s middleware software solutions bring unified interfaces and scalable and transparent functionalities overcoming problems related to reuse and code portability.

We serve

Having previously developed various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries, our team of engineers is specialized in developing custom solutions that are of the highest industry standards, tailor-made to the specification of each individual project.


Medical Devices

Industrial Automation

Aerospace & Defense

Consumers Electronics

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