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application development

We create project-specific applications, aligning with our internal quality management procedures. Collaborating closely with clients, we gain insights into project requirements, data processing, and analytics. We employ modern architectural patterns to construct modular, scalable embedded software platforms that are easy to maintain and adapt to evolving business needs. 

UI development

DigitalGate provides tailored UI solutions for diverse embedded devices. We utilize contemporary frameworks for domain-specific applications, creating APIs for seamless integration with other systems, libraries, and rapid prototyping through simulators, widgets, and display controls. 

Our UI solutions prioritize aesthetics, ease of use, and vibrant design for integrated systems. We engineer cross-platform, highly adaptable, high-performance systems with user-friendly APIs, supporting multiple languages. 

algorithm development

DigitalGate provides tailored algorithm development solutions for resource-constrained embedded systems, meeting required performance levels. Our flexible solutions enable easy porting of algorithms to new hardware platforms, ensuring adaptability to evolving market needs and industry standards. 

Middleware development

Our experienced engineering team specializes in microcontrollers, including single-processors, multi-processors, and digital signal processors. We excel in Middleware development, optimization, testing, and hardware prototype debugging, helping shorten time-to-market for our products.  

DigitalGate’s middleware software solutions offer unified interfaces, scalability, and transparent functionality to address code reuse and portability challenges. 

We serve

Find custom solutions compliant of the highest industry standards, tailored to the specifications of each unique project. We work on various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries!


Medical Devices

Industrial Automation

Aerospace & Defense

Consumers Electronics

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