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Middleware development

DigitalGate has a team of experienced embedded engineers with extensive knowledge of various microcontrollers, with both single-core and also multi-core, and DSPs. Moreover, we have experience in implementing middleware solutions that bring the required scalability and reliability required for real-time embedded applications.

Also, our middleware software solutions bring unified interfaces and scalable and transparent functionalities overcoming problems related to reuse and code portability.

solutions overview

How It works?

We address all aspects of middleware development, from the development and integration of frameworks to the integration of user interfaces. We are supporting our customers with both complete middleware development and also with partial solutions. That could involve the development of various sub-components or support for the application developers.

os abstraction layers

Our engineers provide implementations of APIs for several operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, QNX, and various flavors of RTOS. That includes a project structure and build systems that facilitate building projects for particular OS’s and hardware platforms.

Moreover, our solutions are designed to facilitate code portability being independent of a particular operating system. That provide a shorter development and debug time by allowing the software to be platform-independent.

communication protocols

Our team of engineers provides advanced connectivity middleware solutions that ensure communication over the well-standardized transport layer required for a reliable data transfer over various peripheral interfaces. Also, we implement or use various industry standards for data transfer and service-based communication such as UDP, TCP/IP, SOME/IP, DDS, DICOM, etc. depending on the systems requirements and application domain.

application optimization

In order to improve system performance and facilitate code portability, our team of software engineers performs various application optimizations such as runtime optimization, load balancing, memory footprint optimization, as well as custom architecture redesign such that the overall system becomes more scalable and can be easily adapted to new business logic needs.

framework development

We provide custom framework development solutions for real-time embedded applications, by implementing the complete architecture and mechanisms for inter-component communication, event handling as well as safety mechanisms. Furthermore, our team makes use of the best industry standards and practices for implementing scalable and performant interfaces that facilitate the integration of real-time software components on an embedded platform.

Diagnostic Protocols

We implement diagnostics protocols depending on the application, by selecting the industry-specific diagnostics protocols such as XCP, DTC, or specific custom protocols for diagnosis. In order to ensure a high degree of flexibility our teams employ as well well-known code generation tools for facilitating the fast implementation of diagnostic protocols given the specification in a standardized format that can be easily parsed by tools such as ARTOP, Protobufs, etc.

SWC Integration
& Configuration

Our team performs the integration of various real-time embedded applications into embedded software frameworks. We are using domain-specific tools and practices such as various software stack configurators and open-source frameworks. Also, we ensure that the integrated components run according to their specific needs and that the allocated budget for memory and CPU time, is fully optimized. 


In order to facilitate the development process and deployment of embedded real-time applications, our team develops and integrates tracking libraries. Those provide the means for tracing as well as debugging the application over various peripheral interfaces such as Ethernet, serial, and CAN, using well-standardized traces viewers which run on a development pc or on a diagnostics system.

Software stacks configuration

Our team customizes the software stack of an embedded system by integrating the required stacks for networking, wireless, and video.  Also, we stripe it off of the redundant components that are not needed in the application being developed. Thus, ensuring that the OS software stacks are fully customized and can deliver the maximum performance on a custom platform.

We serve

Having previously developed various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries, our team of engineers is specialized in developing custom solutions that are of the highest industry standards, tailor-made to the specification of each individual project.


Medical Devices

Industrial Automation

Aerospace & Defense

Consumers Electronics

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