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Middleware development

Our experienced embedded engineers specialize in various microcontrollers, including single-core, multi-core, and DSPs. We develop middleware solutions for real-time embedded applications, ensuring scalability and reliability. Our software solutions offer unified interfaces and transparent functionalities to address code reuse and portability challenges. 

solutions overview

How It works

We handle full-cycle middleware development, including frameworks and user interface integration. Our services range from complete middleware solutions to partial support, encompassing sub-component development and assistance for application developers. 

os abstraction layers

We provide API implementations for various operating systems, including VxWorks, Linux, QNX, and various RTOS versions. Our solutions, featuring a flexible project structure and build systems, prioritize code portability across different OS and hardware platforms, resulting in shorter development and debugging times. 

communication protocols

We offer advanced connectivity middleware solutions that enable reliable data transfer over various peripheral interfaces. Our expertise includes industry standards such as UDP, TCP/IP, SOME/IP, DDS, DICOM, among others, tailored to meet specific system requirements and application domains. 

application optimization

Our software engineers optimize applications for improved system performance, focusing on runtime efficiency, load balancing, memory usage, and custom architecture enhancements. These optimizations enhance scalability and adaptability to evolving business logic requirements. 

framework development

We develop custom frameworks for real-time embedded applications, creating architectures for inter-component communication, event handling, and safety measures. Our solutions adhere to industry standards, ensuring scalable and high-performance integration of real-time software components on embedded platforms.  

Diagnostic Protocols

We implement diagnostic protocols tailored to the application’s needs, including industry-specific protocols like XCP and DTC, or custom protocols. To ensure flexibility, we use code generation tools for quick protocol implementation, following standardized formats for easy parsing. 

SWC Integration
& Configuration

Our team integrates real-time embedded applications into software frameworks using domain-specific tools and practices like software stack configurators and open-source frameworks. We optimize memory and CPU allocation to ensure components run efficiently. 


Our team specializes in developing and integrating tracking libraries for embedded real-time applications. These libraries play a crucial role in tracing and debugging processes, allowing us to monitor and analyze the performance of these applications. We provide support for a range of peripheral interfaces, including Ethernet, serial, and CAN. Our trace viewers are based on well-established standards and can run on both development PCs and dedicated diagnostics systems, ensuring comprehensive debugging capabilities for your embedded software. 

Software stacks configuration

Our team tailors embedded system software stacks by integrating necessary networking, wireless, and video components while removing redundancy. This customization ensures optimal performance on custom platforms, enhancing efficiency for specific applications. 

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Find custom solutions compliant of the highest industry standards, tailored to the specifications of each unique project. We work on various embedded software and hardware services across numerous industries! 


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