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PCB Design

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design services are one of the ways we help our customers get to the market faster, as our team of engineers has significant experience in this field

From concept to Creation

Our extensive experience in PCB design for a very large spectrum of applications has enabled us to help our clients succeed with their projects and shorten the time to market for their products.

If you have an existing design that needs to be updated, modified or optimized for cost-effective assembly or you need a new PCB design, from concept (diagram / BOM) to creation (complete PCB
documentation), our team of CAD / CAM engineers and operators is available to discuss any project needs our clients may have, as we are fully licensed and use industry leading tools, including Cadence Allegro, Mentor Expedition, Mentor PADS, Altium, Value for DFM analysis

PCB - design

Our PCB Design capabilities

We have the experience to consistently meet the highest standards in the industry. Our experience spans several market segments.

Electrical engineering of printed circuits. Our expertise consists in the design of high speed circuits up to 40 GHz and in the Mesh network (optics: OC-48, OC-192, T1, E1 and InfiniBand).

Other capabilities include thermal engineering, signal integrity analysis, software and firmware design, including software integration and API design.

Tailor-Made QNX BSP development

Middleware Development

Our team of embedded engineers has rich experience across
microcontrollers, single processors, multi-processors, and Digital Signal Processors based control applications. We can help you optimize, test, and debug your hardware prototype thus shortening the arrival time of the finished product on the market. Our middleware software brings unified interfaces scalable and transparent functionalities overcoming problems related to reuse and code portability.

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BSP Development

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Application Development

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PCB Design

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