Hardware Design Services

PCB Design

Hardware development is done from concept to creation and it includes the design of the electronic schematic, layout design, at every stage of the development process our team ensures that:

In order to ensure a superior quality of the designed systems, our team develops the necessary environments for the simulation of the circuits in order to make sure that the electrical, thermal and mechanical parameters of the circuit are within the limits allowed by the client and legislative requirements.

Our engineers also ensure that the designed circuits are manufactured according to the project specifications and provide customers with the necessary assistance in communicating with the printed circuit board manufacturers, choosing the best suppliers who can produce the printed circuit boards according to the specifications of the design and within the budget of the customers.

Tailor-Made PCB Schematic Design

PCB Schematic Design

Our team of hardware engineers takes care of all aspects related to PCB schematic design, from initial system concept up to the actual schematic design. We offer optimized schematic designs that are optimal and simulated thoroughly.

Our PCB schematic designs are complete from initial concept design up to complete PCB schematic design and its corresponding documentation. We offer optimal solutions by carefully simulating the designs and choosing the main components of the schematic such that it brings the perfect balance between budget and specific project requirements.

Tailor-Made PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout Design

Our team of engineers offers end-to-end solutions that accelerate the design of the most complex electronics and intelligent systems. By using specialized layout software, our team implements based on the schematic, the optimized layout for the PCB.

Single or multiple layers PCBs’ are chosen, as well as the components placement and the routing that defines the optimal electrical connectivity, such that the requirements for placement, signal and thermal integrity are met.

Tailor-Made PCB Design Optimization

PCB Design Optimization

Our team of expert hardware engineers optimize the design of the PCBs’ by taking care of all the aspects regarding component placement, spacing, clearances, thermal relief and the shape restraints. Our team of engineers debugs, inspects and tests such that the PCB design is fully optimized for serial production.

By communicating and assisting the manufacturer, our team ensures that the PCBs’ are fully optimized according to the customers requirements, taking into consideration the number of layers required, the best suitable components, the quality and the cost factor.

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