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About us

We are a team of professional engineers and developers, which has been involved in creating commercially viable products for the global electronics market.

Since its foundation, DigitalGate offers its customers comprehensive solutions of various levels of complexity, providing outsourcing services for electronics design for different markets: consumer electronics, automotive, healthcare and energy&power electronics.

What we offer

Hardware Development

Custom hardware development for electronics and embedded systems using high-end technologies

Embedded Software

A full range of embedded software services from simple bare metal solutions to sophisticated distributed systems


Printed Circuit Board design services for mixed-signals, high speed digital, analog boards and RF systems

Firmware Development

Custom firmware development and BSP development services for the most popular microcontroller architectures

Algorithm Development

Algorithm development for embedded systems in areas such as machine vision, sensor fusion, audio signal processing


A variety of electronic test equipments used for electrical measurements and board functionality validation

Internet of Things
Smart House
Smart Medicine
Smart Energy
Sensor Fusion
Computer Vision


Smart Sensor

Technologies used:
Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 MCU
PCB Antenna
Low Power MEMS sensors
CR2032 battery powered
TIRTOS real time operating system
BLE stack (proprietary implemented by our team in C++ 11)
Signal Processing Library for MEMS sensors
HAL and OSAL abstraction layers implemented in C++ 11

Solar Charge Controller

Technologies used:
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
FreeRTOS real time operating system
Flat buffers for data serialization and formating for communication with the server
GSM protocol stack (proprietary implemented by our team)
Graphics library for LCD displays
CMSIS complaint low level firmware
CMake as build system tool

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